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Look at Life
After Dentures!

Your face looks full, happy and healthy. You can eat, laugh and smile with security. No more fear of your teeth moving, shifting, stinking or flying out.

The life of a Denture wearer isn't easy.

There’s Nothing
Sexy about


I Don’t Want Dentures

If you are currently living with traditional dentures, you understand why many people can’t deal with them. Traditional Dentures sit on your gums with nothing to stabilize them.

Dentures often slip and slide in the mouth even with glues or pastes that often taste and feel unbearable for some.

Former denture wearers LOVE Dental Implants GPS. Seriously, they are the happiest patients. The security and confidence that dental implants can provide is so transformational.

Dental implants act as tooth roots that permanently provide stable, natural teeth, giving you back your normal bite and ability to eat what you want.



  • Loose and mobile

    Secure and confident smile

  • Limited food choices

    Enjoy your favorite foods again

  • Can reduce ability to digest foods

    Aids normal healthy digestion

  • Can reduce bite force

    Creates normal bite force

  • Denture adhesives required

    No adhesives - fixed dental implant bridge

  • Can cause loss (thinning) of jaw bone

    Maintains jaw bone

  • Increased mobility over time

    Provides long-term stability



Dentures are the least expensive full-mouth teeth replacement option.
However, these plastic teeth can come with some negative side effects that can affect your health.

And there are hidden costs to these devices.

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Dentures

Dentures (Upper & Lower – every 5 years) $8,997
Adhesives (1 year) $2,250
Cleaning Products (1 year) $2,250
Relines (Once/year) $4,500
Adjustments (Once/year) $3,750
Digestive Issues/Doctor Visits ($200/year) $3,000
Total Cost over 15 years $24,747

GPS Doctors say NO to Overdentures or Snap-ins

Why do our doctors prefer the GPS Smile Solution to Overdentures or Snap-ins?

Permanent fixed dental implants are the gold standard of care today. However, you may have heard the term overdenture or snap-in. Yes, an overdenture does use dental implants to secure a denture but it is still a denture. Our doctors have treated many patients who have chosen overdentrues for the lower price point, but ultimately weren’t happy with the side-effects.

Overdentures require multiple visits to your provider for adjustments. The denture needs to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. The denture itself is fairly bulky in the mouth. Many people with sensitive gag reflexes can’t handle them.

Learn the facts about Overdentures

We highly recommend permanent fixed full-mouth restorations by a team of specialists. Always ensure that your provider has a 3-D CAT scan to see your bone levels and determine the proper placement of the implants to avoid your nerves and sinuses.

For the price, the performance may not work for you. Learn about a permanent dental implant solution that looks, acts, and functions just like your natural teeth.


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