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GPS Smile Steps

Step 1 – Your LifeSmile Consultation

Guided Patient Success

This is your opportunity to meet with your GPS team who will walk you through our smile journey. This is a very important appointment. You may have been to other consultations where you felt pressured. That is not what will happen at Dental Implants GPS.
GPS means Guided Patient Success for a reason. Our team will educate, explain, and listen to you!

You will also meet with your Doctor who will explain the dental implant process and answer any questions you may have. Think of it like any medical appointment. There are other clinics where you might not meet with the Doctor. We want you to spend time with our team and feel how much they care about you.

We have worked with thousands of patients. We understand what you may be feeling. Don’t let Fear of the unknown stop you from changing your Life. We help remove the scary to show you the reality.

Step 2 – Understand Our Recommendation for Your Transformation

Before you leave your LifeSmile Consultation you will understand what options we are recommending for you. If you’ve heard elsewhere that you aren’t a candidate, come to GPS. Our Specialist team can treat almost every issue including using zygomatic implants when needed. All of this will be laid out for you at this appointment.

The 3-D imaging you receive at your consultation provides the guide our doctors need to create your specialized treatment plan.

Step 3 – Go over the Price and Financing Options

Part of the education will involve the cost for your dental implant procedure. Our team will guide you through payment choices including third-party financing options. You will also get a detailed booklet, discussing your specific next steps. We believe in complete transparency. It’s time to come see the GPS difference and open the door to the life you deserve.

Transformation Day

Transformation Day at Dental Implants GPS is often a patient’s new birthday.
Getting their new smile is a day that a GPS patient remembers as one of the most important days in their life.

See Transformation Day for GPS Patient Kelicia.

Just Days Away from your permanent final smile!

Unlike other providers who might leave you in temporary teeth for 6 to 9 months, our advanced digital technology means, you get your new smile in just days.


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